Proneuron aims to treat spinal cord injury and other neuropathologies.
"Natural forces within us are
the true healers of diseases"
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Proneuron Biotechnologies is a biopharmaceutical company developing therapies for neurological disorders, including spinal cord injuries (SCI), brain trauma, and neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

The brain, spinal cord and optic nerves comprise the central nervous system (CNS) one of the most complex and enigmatic systems in nature. The CNS is responsible for consciousness, memory, intelligence, the five senses, and controlled movement. However, these functions may be disrupted by brain damage, spinal injury or disease, causing severe disability, such as paralysis, blindness, or loss of mental capabilities. The disability is often permanent because the CNS has a very limited capacity for healing and self repair.

While there is no paralysis cure yet available to treat spinal cord injury, nor any cure for CNS trauma in general, scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science and Proneuron have demonstrated that CNS recovery may be enhanced by applying the body’s own repair system, the immune system, which is actively involved in wound-healing in other parts of the body. In the quest for a paralysis cure, Proneuron is pursuing an aggressive research and development program based on proprietary immune-modulating technology. Proneuron's lead product is ProCord, an experimental cell therapy that is being developed to treat acute spinal cord injury. Besides spinal cord injuries, additional products are being developed for other debilitating neurological indications.

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Proneuron Biotechnologies is engaged in research
related to spinal cord injuries and paralysis cure.